About RaveOS

First crypto-miners were enthusiasts. They adapted various third-party generic programs to set up the hardware and kick-off coins mining process. This made the process of mining management a complicated one, and the hardware worked inefficiently….

Time has not been standing still, and crypto-industry has been developing steadily; this has led to emerging of more advanced solutions for miners - EthOS, SimpleMining, Awesome Miner.

Then all the hype started, the market grew hundreds of times, competition and customers’ requirements kept growing… This resulted in several new mining programs that have appeared recently.

Most of the solutions existing on the market today are undoubtedly good. However, many of them do not often account for the specifics of large geographically distributed mining companies – do not provide easy tools to manage large numbers of devices, do not show steady performance, do not fix issues and unexpected situations automatically, they limit capabilities of remote management. Moreover, these systems do not allow using customer’s hardware and infrastructure with maximum efficiency.

RaveOS is the new generation system developed by experienced miners for miners. The system has been built with awareness of all flaws that current mining software platforms have. Crypto-industry’s fast development has led to a wide variety of pools, miners and coins. Mining hardware manufacturers adapt to their potential customers’ interests and produce more advanced devices. RaveOS supports over 600 pools and 50 miners! Users can both use pools and miners connected to the system and connect new ones if they wish.

The system monitors devices performance and in case of errors it restarts a miner, rig, or ASIC.

We have developed the mobile app to enable easier management, instant notifications and immediate efficient reaction to them; the app can be used for full-scale remote management of mining business.

Within this year we are adding the functionality of automated mining of the most profitable coins with Bitcoin payout.

Moreover, we offer the following functionality to our customers:

  • Selecting optimal mining settings
  • Power consumption fine-tuning
  • Detailed reports on each rig and ASIC
  • Managing farms from mobile app and
  • Dozens of other useful options that will help you to make your mining business most efficient!