Gpu install
1. Download and unpack image
2. Sign up on
3. Create new rig.
4. Create Wallet.

Go to Wallets → Add Wallet→ Add Coin

  1. Select coin.
  2. Select mining pool.
  3. Type your wallet (login).
  4. Select one or few miners.
  5. Press Save.
Install with Etcher or HDDRaw Copy Tool
1. Write image on your device (min 8gb)
2. Go to your raveOS drive RAVEOS_DISK:\config\config.yaml , open with text redactor and type your rigID and Password.
3. Save it and put your drive in rig.
4. Done!
You will see your Rig on Dashboard
5. When rig booted, go to Mining menu on dashboard or in rig menu and select Wallet, Coin and miner.

6. Start mining!

Video guide